When trying a brand new skin care product for the first time, some people notice breakouts in their first few weeks of use. We understand breakouts can be painful – for both your skin and your self-esteem – but we want to assure you that this is completely normal. 

Before METRIN can work properly, it needs to work with your skin and its natural functions and transition to a proper balance. On its way there, sometimes the results lead to breakouts. We can assure you the products are not causing any new breakouts but only speeding up your skin's regular cycle. This may cause blemishes that were already going to occur to appear all at once.

The best way to clear up your breakout and reach more beautiful skin is to continue to use the complete program (steps 1-5) day and night. Think of it like exercising or working out. When you work out for the first time in long time, your body feels extra sore afterwards. But as you work out more consistently, your muscles heal and you become stronger. This premise also applies to your skin's natural functions.

Keep in mind, your skin's normal renewal process is around one month, so any breakouts should be clear after 6-8 weeks as you start to see better skin results.

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